Medical Marijuana Doctors

As a physician, are you currently covered for recommending medical marijuana?

The vast majority of insurers will not cover physicians for non-FDA approved procedures, therapies or even medications. If you are covered under a standard insurance contract and recommending medical marijuana to patients, you will most likely not be covered and will have to deal with a medical malpractice suit all on your own if something goes wrong.

Why Do I Need Medical Marijuana Malpractice Insurance?

The potential legal costs of an uninsured malpractice suit are astronomical and could have disastrous consequences for your practice. Medical marijuana liability insurance is not just another business expense–it has become a necessity. In the event of a patient filing a suit, you’ll be extremely glad that you have medical marijuana malpractice insurance.

Who Is Medical Marijuana Malpractice Insurance Suitable For?

Any company, medical practice or business that is involved in any way in the prescription or supply of medical marijuana should ensure that they are adequately covered. As such, we will assist you with all of your medical marijuana-related inquiries.

More specifically, we can assist with insurance for medical marijuana doctors. We are specialists in the insurance needs of the medical marijuana industry and can provide expert recommendations.

Where Can I Get Medical Marijuana Physicians Insurance?

Kine Bud can give you a tailor-made marijuana physician’s insurance solution which will cover all of your medical marijuana liability needs. Any costs associated with claim defense as well as any judgments against you and your business will be covered.

We have established partnerships with a number of AM best rated A or better insurance providers with the purpose of providing the best protection available for you and your business. This means that you will get the best medical marijuana physician’s insurance possible and can rest easy that we have you covered.

Are There Any Exclusions In Your Policies?

Like all insurance policies, those that cover medical marijuana doctors do have certain terms and conditions attached. All of these will be provided to you when you contact us to discuss your options.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each policy is prepared individually based upon your specific needs and the requirements of your business. When you submit an application, we will give you a quote which is tailored to your exact circumstances, risk profile and business needs. It doesn’t cost anything to inquire.